Welcome to the Aloria

Aloria is a magical land filled with creatures, quests, and a sinister villain.

Once upon a time...

Long ago, when the Spiral was new, a Master Magi named Merle wandered Aloria, demonstrating the power of magic and teaching the gift to those who were adept to the magical arts. However, many disagreed upon how the gift of magic should be bestowed. Some believed that only magis who were born of noble families should learn the ways of the magi and others believed that anyone willing to study magic should be able to learn. This argument eventually tore the realm of Aloria asunder, thus beginning the TIME OF TROUBLES.

After many years of conflict, The HIGH CHRONICLER and the MASTER MAGI invited the worthiest of Magi to form five distinct clans that could teach magic anyway they wanted to by using five distinct runes: Music, Lightning, Distract, Healing, and Enchantment. The MUSIC RUNE is the rune of the Ironhold Clan. It empowers any magi to summon beautiful music from objects within Aloria and use it to tame beasts, communicate with others or entertain. The DISTRACTION RUNE is the rune of the Blackmantle Clan. It is the power to distract creatures and opponents from their intended purpose and allows one to sneak past guarded entrances and into secret areas and hidden chambers. The HEALING RUNE is the rune of the Breakhame Clan and allows the power to heal themselves, creatures and mend magical objects that have been damaged or drained of power. The LIGHTNING RUNE belongs to the Thunder Keep clan. It has the power to summon thunder & lightning for all magis who possess it. The ENCHANTMENT RUNE is the rune of the Cloudcrest Clan. It empowers anyone to speak with the creatures of Aloria, living or dead. But still, a faction of Magi resisted this plan and divided themselves by leaving the clans and starting smaller villages themselves. And so the GREAT COMPROMISE came about.

Realizing the secrets of the Runes must be kept safe from those who would misuse their power, the leaders renounced themselves as Magi; permanently transforming into mystical spirits known as the GUARDIANS OF ALORIA. They gave their magical runes the Master Magi, to guard and protect from any opposing forces. For if all five runes were brought together on MOUNT DHELM, one magi would become all powerful and be able to rule Aloria and perhaps the whole Spiral. The guardians continue to offer guidance to those wise enough to seek it, though most citizens of Aloria no longer have the ability to practice magic.

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